Mattress sizes: the other types on the market:

Although most manufacturers rely on standard mattress sizes to make their own products, many other models can be found on the market, able to satisfy all needs. Here are the main ones:

Three squares mattress:

Those who think that mattress sizes for double beds are too small can opt for a three-squared structure, which boasts a width of about 400 cm and a length between 190 cm and 200 cm. These models are uncommon, as they need to be placed in a very large space.

King size mattress:

The king size mattress has a format very similar to that of the classic double bed, only that the measurements are proportionally increased by about 20 cm both in length and in width. These beds are not very widespread, as it is necessary to have a very large room to be able to arrange them properly.

The rule of choosing the correct size of the mattress is therefore particularly valid when it comes to double bed systems: both partners will have to have enough space to spread their legs and arms without risking going out of the mattress.

The standard double mattress sizes in Italy are 160 cm wide and 190 cm long. However, when one of the partners is of medium-high stature it is advisable to opt for a wider structure, which can be increased by only 5 cm both in length and in width (165 × 195 cm) or 10 cm (170x 200 cm).

There are some companies that offer oversized mattresses compared to the standard model, and the price is slightly higher than the latter. If the mattress sizes are not found in two squares that best suit your space requirements, you can use a custom-made mattress.

Custom mattress:

When the classic measures for single or double mattresses are not adequate to the user’s needs, it is possible to turn to companies that make custom-sized mattresses. Obviously, in this case, it will be necessary to obtain also a bed base adequate to the dimensions chosen for the mattress.

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