Important aspects to evaluate the choice of the right mattress:

Sleep positions:

A very important aspect to evaluate the choice of the right mattress is that relative to the position in which one is used to sleeping. Perhaps not everyone knows that the sleeping position has advantages and disadvantages and can also contribute positively or negatively to the welfare of the spine.

5% of people sleep in the prone position. This is a position that, although it allows optimal weight distribution, is harmful to the spine as it would accentuate lumbar. The problem arises from the weight of the body that causes a sinking, from the head that remains turned (fundamental for breathing) and therefore forces the rotation of the cervical vertebrae. Those who sleep in this position should avoid too soft mattresses, should choose high-quality mattresses and should avoid the pillow.

30% of people sleep in a supine position enjoying a large support surface and therefore perfect stability. It is important, for those who like to sleep in this position, to use a mattress that is not too soft, as it can have ditches at points with greater weight concentration (pelvis and trunk).

Whatever the preferred position during sleep it is essential that this happens in a suitable bed system, the mattress, in particular, must be suitable for individual needs. It must offer comfortable support, must support the vertebral column, must have a good absorption capacity, must guarantee, especially to those suffering from allergies. Visit if you are interested to learn more about sleep.

So when can we talk about true ergonomic comfort?

If the mattress is too rigid some parts of the body receive too much pressure, on the contrary, a mattress that is too soft cannot adequately support.

The ideal mattress should give the correct support and allow the maintenance of the natural shape of the spine and at the same time allow the deformation under the weight of the body.

To define what the right mattress is, a fundamental role is played by the weight and height of each of us.

This for what concerns the physiological aspect, which is not the only one to define what is the ideal mattress for each of us, equally important are the preferences of each of us, very subjective, in addition to the material with which the mattress is covered which contributes to the definition of the right thermo-physiological comfort.