Adjustable slatted frames

In addition to the slatted frame types, which differ in material and structure, retailers also like to differentiate slatted frames, rolling grids and plate frames with regard to their adjustability. Many manufacturers produce their slatted frames in different versions:

Slatted frame:

The classic slatted frame is rigid in its design. A rigid slatted base is unadjustable only in terms of its height. A hardness-adjustable center zone on selected models offers individual adjustment options. The slatted frame with its resilient properties and weight-distributing function provides a stable, safe sleeping pad with high ergonomics.

Slatted manually adjustable:

A manually adjustable slatted frame offers various settings regarding the height of the slatted frame. For the lath, the frame has grid or fittings. These must be set by hand. A manually adjustable slatted base regularly has asynchronously or individually adjustable head and a foot part for lifting the body. More special versions even offer a separate neck part or an extra-long back part.

Slatted electrically adjustable:

The electric slatted base does not have to be adjusted manually, unlike the manually adjustable frame. For separate and step less electrical height adjustment, the grate has one to four powerful motors. The head and foot sections are adjustable, as well as the back and thighs on exclusive models. Some motor frames also have healthy knee adjustment or divide the head part between the neck and long back. When buying a power-adjustable slatted frame, make sure that the height of the motor matches the bed frame. Modern engine frames address the problem and are designed flat. Click to read more on


Slatted frame with gas spring:

A slatted base with gas spring ensures not only a high degree of ergonomics but also a two-fold height adjustment. Thanks to the lift function, the feet can be stored up. But also the quick and easy access to the bed box allows the equipment with a gas spring on the slatted frame.

The different types of slatted frames create a high degree of ergonomics for individual and individual lying using zones and individual strength. However, they differ in their adjustability. By means of an adjustable central zone or only shoulder zone, they offer an individual body adaptation. The actual criterion of this slatted frame is the height adjustment of the models.